Thursday, 15 July 2010


on the 1st of june 2010 i had surgery on my lower jaw, they cut the bone both sides and moved the jaw a few mm forward to correct my over bite, the bone is held in place by metal rods that will stay in my jaw forever. in four months time the bone will have fully healed back together and i will be having my braces removed :D

Weird things:
i can feel the gap in the bone!!!
i cant whistle anymore!?!?
i cannot chew :(

HEALED AND HAPPY!!! getting my braces off in 4 months but will have to keep the bands on untill then.... also i cant whistle any more which is odd lol if you having this surgery GOODLUCK!! i hope it all goes smoothly for you goodbyeeeeeeeeee :D

Annnddd this was me one week after surgery i was having a bad reaction to alll the medicine they gave me and i was incredibly miserable :(

So this was me the day before my operation i assure you i was terrified!!